"I was looking for an external DVD burner for my notebook computer," writes John Snape, "I guess they took the design literally when they made this one!"


"The most puzzling part is how that OK text got rotated. As far as i know, that dialog is the build-in Windows one," remarked David.


"You can't beat this deal!" Garrett Meiers cheered, "1,000,000 miles away.. and free shipping!"


"Does this mean that in some operating systems, zero is larger than 1010139?" asks Sangwhan Moon.


"Given that I explicitly selected 'jobs within 20 miles of Zurich' when filling out my profile, Bright has an interesting definition of either 'near Zurich' or 'mile'," wrote Nick.


Eric Smith is thinking about sticking to English classes offered on-campus for the time being.


Cole Johnson wrote, "I guess that you can never be too careful with the current screen in iPhoto."


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