"With battery life this good, I'm almost afraid to see what would happen if I picked Power Saver," writes Scott.


Gillian M. wrote, "I only wanted some festival tickets - who knew there were so many different 'Berks' out there?"


"I wanted to order some samples on quickstep.com but was told my email adress wasn't in their system when I tried to reset my password," writes Ward De Langhe, "Moments later, I received the following email."


"I hope installing Tomcat 7 does not mean my interal organs now belong to the Apache Foundation," wrote Rodney.


"When the fan on my laptop cranks up and starts putting out heat like a furnace, I know it's about to do something stupid," wrote Mark Doyle, "I wasn't disappointed when after taking 10 minutes to launch, VS2010 presented me with this."


"I started out by searching for the RCB-3J servo driver," writes Iago Rubio, "but ended up with a craving for seafood."


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