"At my company," writes Ryan L, "we have a 'certain' developer who has been here a while but is very reluctant to learn or improve. In fact, he actively works against the rest of us when we want to implement pesky things like proper version control, design patterns, or architecture to our code behind having 3000-line code-behind files."

Ryan continues, "I was exploring our SVN logs and came across something checked in by this "engineer". It was a single file, with a commit message of 'Mybad'. The file turned out to be a config file. Here was the previous version checked in:

<app key="ContactEmailAddress" value="jdoe@initrode.com"/>

"and here was the modified value:"

<app key="sContactEmailAddress" value="jdoe@initrode.com"/>

"Yes," Ryan added, "he did a commit with no indication of what the commit was for, simply to add a Hungarian Notation prefix to a configuration file setting, in case we weren't sure that 'ContactEmailAddress' was a string."

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