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JRebel Logo   JRebel is a JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying. JRebel lets you see code changes instantly, reloading classes and resources individually and updating one at a time instead of as a lump application redeploy. Download your FREE Trial Today!
Joyent Logo   Joyent - This cloud ain't for storing music. Running your apps on Joyent's open-source SmartOS is a different, smarter cloud choice. Automatic and Free 400% vertical scaling, copy-on-write with ZFS, DTrace for killer visibility (heat maps! flamegraphs!) Come check out our stack.
Inedo   Inedo - the makers of BuildMaster, the free, and easy-to-use, web-based deployment and release management tool. Going far beyond Continuous Integration and into Continuous Delivery, BuildMaster delivers a series of robust features unparalleled by other build-promote-deploy-distribute tools. They're also behind the upcoming ProGet, a NuGet package repository that lets you host and manage your own personal or enterprise-wide NuGet feeds.

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"I don't know what they were thinking putting this ad up," writes Christian Riesen, "but I think I can hold my enthusiasm for that gigantic jackpot easy."


"I spotted this while upgrading the Samsung KIES software on Windows," writes Scott Coonce, "I wasn't sure if I should accept the empty license agreement or not."


"I got this error when trying to upgrade PostgreSQL," writes David, "they must really like cloud computing."


"I was rushing to catch my train at St. Pancras the other day," notes D Bee, "but it appears there was plenty of time before it departed."


"I'd hate to be selfish and not share null with the other readers of the Daily WTF," wrote Dwayne, "I hope you find the same benefits of null that I have."


"The newspaper didn't really contain any interesting news," writes Wout van Poppel "but at least it has interesting photo captions which serve to draw attention quite well."


"Free drink every 0 stars?" writes Andrew ,"wow, now I really want to get to be a 'Gold' members!"


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