"I'm kind of surprised to see these kinds of positive ratings for soundtracks that may or may not exist," writes Bobby S.


Arrigo M. wrote, "This morning a new train was leaving from Rome, bound for ...Phoenix?"


"Well, I guess it's a fair to block your shutdown so that the logoff tune of the Microsoft Logoff Composing Team can be given its due respect," writes Jens R.


"While visiting the UPS Store I saw this clever message encouraging me to sign up for their email newsletter," writes James.


"Ok, sure 'so what, it's an error', but you have to admit - a 283 million line JSP page is pretty impressive," wrote Scott S.


Thomas S. writes, "Hmmm...I don't think that either of these options are my printer model."


"After installing Windows 8, I've had to register again my Line 6 UX1 external audio interface," Roque wrote, "Maybe Line 6 is trying to tell me to switch to a Mac?"


Philipp H. wrote, "Wait..so, this Windows installation wants me to insert my what?"


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