"Todays challenge: choose a password containing at least one numeric character without using any numbers," writes Tiziano Müller, "and if your'e thinking of typing out 'seven', don't bother... it doesn't work!"


"This webform dares to ask a deep existential question: in which year was I?," writes Jon, "I'm not sure I remember the last time I was me."


"I saw this while waiting for the L train in Chicago," wrote Brendan, "thankfully, a train did eventually arrive."


"Ummm... what?" wonders Mike C, "I still can't figure out this CAPTCHA."


"I guess this is one way to increase the number of carwashes sold at the pump," E.H. notes."


"My parents always told me to turn the lights off as it wastes electricity," Paul writes, "guess which day I forgot to do that?"


"Phew, it's ok," writes Magnus Bakken, "I was worried there for a second."


"Worst. Movie Preview. Ever." writes Emma Story.


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