"It's tough times all around," Matt D. wrote, "and that means we all have to make sacrifices. After receiving this email from management, I'll make sure to do my part and ration my paper clips."

From:    Cole, William
Sent:    August 21, 2008 17:50
To:      Everyone
Subject: Office Supplies

Dear all,

We spend a lot of money each year on office supplies - a lot 
of this is unnecessary expenditure as there are people that 
hoard pens/plastic wallets etc, there are pens on the floor 
and I'm sure there are some things that migrate home.

I am therefore putting an amnesty in place over the next week. 
Please can you ensure you return any excess you have of the 
following items to the PSO (preferably directly to the stationery 
cupboard if it is apparent where it goes. The maximum I would 
expect anyone to have is in brackets after the item.

* Pen holder (1)
* Pens (2 of each color)
* Highlighter pens (1 of each color)
* Pencils (3??)
* Pencil sharpener (1)
* Dry wipe markers (none) - kept in stationery cupboard
* Flip chart pens (none) - kept in stationery cupboard
* Staplers (1)
* Staple removers (1)
* Scissors (1)
* Tipex (1)
* Paperclips (20)
* Bull dog clips (2 of each size)
* Rubber bands (20)
* Post-It pads (1 of each size)
* Sellotape (1)
* Plastic wallets (10)
* Grids (10)
* A4 ring binders (none)

Can you also please check any unused pedestal and the floor 
under your desk. This exercise should also help to tidy up 
the offices which are starting to look trashy in some areas.

Hoping I will get you co-operation in this


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