"I'm not quite sure what to think of the software developer who apparently thought that the perfect way to say you wanted to continue was to choose 'cancel'," Dirk wrote, "Maybe another button just wasn't in the budget"


"Sure it could be an error, but maybe Dell just doesn't like winter," writes Tony.


The Daily WTF's submission form truthfully states that we read every email that comes our way. Norman Diamond's submission is a great help because now, we can do it cheaper than ever.


"I was looking for Windows 8 tablets for work, these look OK, but on second thoughts, I think I'll pass on the spare charger," wrote Simon M.


Andrew writes, "Looks like MSDN has a different definition of "she" than the rest of us - unless that's the "unconference" part of it."


"Google seems to be having a problem determining the current weather conditions. (Converted to Fahrenheit for our U.S. friends)," wrote Andrew M., "For clarification, the temperature was 40-42 degrees Celsius, no cloud cover, blazing sunshine, fire danger rating critical. The Bureau of Meteorology estimated sunburn occurring in approximately 11 minutes...and Google thinks it's snowing."


"'Instant' prints available tomorrow?" writes Wayne Marsh, "Nah. We scanned the ticket and the photos came out immediately."


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