Here's a short ditty from Brian Peddle, who reminds us that we all need to be very serious about political correctness:

Many years ago I worked in tech support. We supported a server based product. While working there we had a woman tech support person, from Russia I believe.  She wasn't very good and eventually was let go.  During her exit interview she said that she was glad to be fired because she was sick of hearing about how big the men's penises were.

Confused by this the manager called in the senior support person and asked her if she had ever heard the guys talking about their penis size.  She said never.  As she walked by her desk she heard one of the support people say, "He is hung." She went back to the manager and said, "They are talking about the servers, not their penises."

That's right, no more “It's a floppy disk? No wonder we aren't getting a pointer. And I thought the master was hung this whole time ...” I feel dirty just typing that ...

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