• Arf arf arf (unregistered)

    "Ditty"?! No, it's not a song. It's a brief story. As far as the English language is concerned, that's a "WTF" on about the same scale as the DoNothing() function from last week.

    I know you don't care, but you really should understand that you look just as stupid as he does.

  • Alex Papadimoulis (unregistered)

    It was actually a musical submission sent in the format of MP3.

    Give me a break, it's a monday :-D.

  • Phil Scott (unregistered)

    I thought ditty was short for dictate.

    Anyways, I've got $5 that says Arf Arf Art created the DoNothing() function.

  • Phil Scott (unregistered)


    I have no idea if that definitions helps or hurts my previous comment. Anyways, thanks for the work Alex. If the posts don't make me laugh, theres always something funny in the comments.

  • Arf arf arf (unregistered)

    Phil Scott: No, I created a DoNothing() MACRO. Depending on how much you're not doing, you can realize considerable performance gains that way. We did this because we needed to speed our code up, but the profiler couldn't find any bottlenecks, so there was nothing to optimize.

    We also experimented with a virtual DoNothing() function which didn't do anything polymorphically.

  • Phil Scott (unregistered)

    Hmmm, maybe I should look into creating a DoNothing macro myself. My website sits around doing nothing most of the day, and I have a sneaking suspision that it is doing nothing very inefficiently.

    The problem is that in order to test it, I have to actually connect to the site, which causes it to do something. A real Schroedinger's Cat problem.

  • Maric Petar (unregistered)

    @offtopic: I just remembered the only justifyed use of the blink tag in (x)HTML:

    Schroedinger's Cat is <blink>not </blink>dead


  • Centaur (unregistered)
  • Jake Vinson (unregistered)

    Ha ha, look at Mr. Non Netscape 3.2 Standards here!

  • Stilgar (unregistered)

    There was a <blink> tag once, before you kiddies even born ;)

    I remember when I used to play with it. They probably removed it for logic reasons. Anyway, there are always flashes and anigifs for that.

  • Maric Petar (unregistered)

    Try it in your favourite browser and see, I am willing to bet it still works in Firefox 0.9.3 :)

  • Chris Kemp (unregistered)

    Well I once worked for a company that was told it couldn't "blacklist" fraudulent payment cards because that could be construed as racist.

  • Arachnamus (unregistered)

    On a par with the current banning of white- and blackboards in UK educational institutions for the same reasons.

    Chalk- and Dry Wipe boards are apparantly acceptable substitutes to the perfectly acceptable originals.

  • patrick h. lauke (unregistered)

    speaking of blink tags...real men use CSS for this sort of thing of course, as it's a presentational value. (and yes, the sexual harassment/political incorrectness angle was the "real men" bit)

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