"Message when do install Bematech Printer," Matt writes, "but in the end, I successed!


"I spotted this at my local Costco store," writes Matt Cohen. "While literally correct, I think next time they should ask to have the contents of the file posted."


"I was looking at getting a new truck and decided to 'build my own' on Chevy.com," wrote Brian Yager. "I clicked on 'Audio System with MP3 Compatible CD/DVD Player and DVD-Based Navigation' to see what it included and was disappointed that I could only afford 50 null's!"

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"I can honestly never figure out these self-checkout systems," James Shuttleworth wrote, "how exactly are you supposed to insert a card like that?"


"It's seriously gotten cold in Fargo these days," Kevin Gross writes, "seriously cold."


"I got this message at a local gas station," Walter wrote. "good thing I wasn't wearing sunglasses."


"I spotted this while trying to look for a supplier's London address," Richard Hamilton-Frost. "Apparently, it doesn't exist."


"I received this letter in the mail," Kenneth Padgett wrote. "Now I'll never know when I'll be able to access my new My Business Account portal!"


"I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing," Chris wondered.


"I'm not exactly sure how the 13th of the month could ever be the third Wednesday", notes JayC.


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