"Apparently this truck has a few more features than standard trucks," writes Derek, "I'm sure the price would have been an even $3,000,000 but there are a few miles on it to drive it down."


Dallin wrote, "This must have been a pretty amazing update to Google Maps if it was going to give me 11 seconds of my life back!"


"This was taken in a service center/rest stop on the westbound Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada," writes Andrew, "I wasn't able to discover much about Ontario from the screen, except that they use PCs for their slideshows."


"You know what, at a -216% discount, I think I'll just buy my gift cards straight from Starbucks at full price," wrote Todd.


"It seems that it isn't that easy to change the settings of a project in JetBrains WebStorm via keyboard shortcut," Dominic wrote.


"Someone at Netflix has got to be kidneying me!" Dan writes.


"My mobile operator decided to let me know that my contract was changing soon...or something," Hamish wrote.


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