BlobConfig.config not found, said the error console of The Blob-- the "insane in every way" system Sep's company produced.

Because a millisecond earlier, The Blob erroneously determined Sep's computer already had a copy of the config file, and didn't automagically create it.

Because one second earlier, The Blob couldn't find the substring "No such file or directory" in the output of "ls -l %BlobDirectory%/BlobConfig.config"

Because five seconds earlier, Sep's local instance of The Blob issued that command to Sep's OS.

Because ten seconds earlier, The Blob (installed on localhost) connected via SSH to localhost

Because fifteen seconds earlier, The Blob ran an "cleverly" optimized routine to try to check for the existence of the system-critical config file.

Because five minutes earlier, Sep ran his local instance of The Blob for the first time.

Because thirty minutes earlier, Sep had configured everything on his brand new computer to his liking, except for the local instance of The Blob.

Because an hour earlier, Sep was assured by his coworker that The Blob would automagically configure itself on the new machine without intervention.

Because some years earlier, someone thought themselves clever enough to write the following optimization into The Blob's startup routine:

public void ConfigFileExistsOrCreate()
String result = null;
remoteCon = SSHConnection("localhost");
result = remoteCon.sendCmd("ls -l %BlobProfileDirectory%/BlobConfig.Config");

if (result.contains("No such file or directory"))
String fileContents = "smb://GlobalShared/UniversalBlobConfig.config";
remoteCon.putFile("BlobConfig.Config", fileContents, FileType.Link)
// no-op! File exists!

Because as clever as that person was for optimizing the creation of a static, 400 byte configuration file that itself was just a linkfile with a hard-coded path-- they weren't so clever as to remember the company was based in Switzerland.

Because hundreds of years earlier, French became one of the national languages of Switzerland: written, spoken, and more pertinently (and much later) available to select as a localizational language in Linux.

Which Sep had done.

ls: Impossible d'accéder à BlobConfig.Config: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

Impossible, indeed.

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