"Someone FINALLY got it right!!" Farz wrote, "In my native language, we don't have translations for seven months out of the year. Way to go Windows Live!!"


"I know Dell is supposed to be going private, but I didn't know that it would be up to me to keep them afloat!" writes James Helms.


Ben N. sent in the following screenshot whilst shopping online. I bet some pun minded categorizer at Amazon thought that having a BOLD cup of coffee sounded REALLY good at the time.


"Developer's excuse for screwing up #439: Sorry, I was eating a milky way, so I forgot to fix any issues with the feed." wrote Chris M.


Wilt writes, "I know the budget is tight, But even if it wasn't, I don't think I could justify NVIDIA at that price."


"I'm fine that Thirstin Howl's track Spit Boxer isn't on Spotify," writes Nick, "but their suggestion wasn't quite what I was expecting."


"Things aren't looking so good for being able to read 'Fine Cooking' on my iPad," wrote Jeff.


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