"Thanks, Google," wrote K Johnson, "8143575 is just as easy to remember as KJohnson."


Michael found this on a label on a box of cat litter.


"This product gets Lighter when shipped?" writes Charles T, "Is Amazon putting helium in the packaging?"


"We just instituted a password change policy," writes Jake, "obviously need to make sure everyone knows exactly where they stand on it."


"SOMEONE at the bank is extremely proud of finally putting out to pasture that pesky Miscellaneous field 5 variable," notes Bill Hinkle


"Freeview is pretty bad," Richard Breese writes, "but it isn't so bad that that it's 'Good News' that BT think I can't receive any channels."


"I spotted this at a car park in Belfast," Thanael wrote, "never mind the 'bandage' applied to the touch screen, the constantly-restarting software could do with some TLC too..."


"I was checking my gmail when my eye caught this ad," Joris wrote, "I'm still not sure what or who is meant with it.


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