It’s important to put some barriers in before users can reset their passwords. You don’t want just anyone accessing their account, after all. Bruce had to answer his security question:

Of course, he didn’t remember what the question actually was. Since he forgot both his password and his security question, he doesn’t deserve to have an account.

But you can do better. Don’t make it too easy on them, and make them really prove they know who they are. Jasmin struggled with this one.

Passwords aren’t the only security issue we have, though. Lee’s Windows install is going to make sure people don’t abuse the Network Time Protocol. It’ll update the clock sometime in 2020.

Speaking of security, you know who liked security? Former Soviet satellite states. Make sure you don’t disrespect them by modernizing your applications. Stephan is ready for his trip to East Berlin.

Be careful about overwriting important files. Michael’s not going to have that problem.

Give meaningful, but not overly detailed error messages. Bonus points if they can justify a dual monitor setup.

And finally, if you’re an Ivy League School, you can’t let just anybody apply. You need to make sure that only the right people sign up, and the best way to do that is…

We can only hope Dylan got accepted.

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