"I decided to take a try a new bus route. It usually takes me 35 minutes to get home," writes Chris, "I guess I should have been taking this route all along."


"I saw this while staying at Caesars Palace of Las Vegas. Apparently, none cares about anything besides casinos," wrote Michael.


Jürgen spotted this at a gas station somewhere in Switzerland, though he's not sure exactly where.


"I got this after running CCleaner on my desktop," writes Jonathan, "I guess someone came in and upgraded my hard drive when I wasn't looking and downloaded the Internet"


"This was taken in the London Olympic Park 2.5 hours before the first athletics session of the Games. Guess they were still setting up!" wrote Andy P.


"Maybe the people at Moe's need to start wearing pirate eye patches," notes Evan.


Jon Rhoades saw this while updating Safari on a new MacBook Pro.


"Staying at a hotel with the family on an overnight trip (too long a vacation for anyone in I.T.), my kids wanted to watch some cartoons. This is what resulted from pressing 'menu' on the TV remote," writes Ari Sitnik


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