"I saw this while trying to scan and deposit a check into my bank account," Esteban wrote, "I'm not sure what to tell customer service."


"Looks like I'll need more bandwidth if I want my great-great-great-great-...???....grandchildren to be able to watch this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar that I purchased," writes Christian.


"Things on my Minecraft server were behaving all sorts of weird, so I wanted to restart the whole thing. Sadly, I couldn't," Tony H. writes, "Gladly, I was advised I could restart it!"


"I found this on Ebay when I was wanting to order a temperature monitor," wrote Greg Baker, "It's a pity that shipping to Australia doesn't include shipping to Australia."


"While installing a Microsoft Office update, I noticed that it owes me an extra 2 minutes of my life back," Dave K. writes.


"I haven't heard much either way, but NULL looks like a nice neighborhood," wrote Renan Birck.


"Now we see why the nations are going broke. It's the darned cars!" writes BK.


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