"This one had me so confused it made me ponder my existence," writes Jack M.,"and I remain subscribed to the list."


"If their ad is any indication of how I should be writing web code," wrote Kevin, "then I don't wanna be right!"


"So where exactly is the FIFA World Cup being held this year?" Michael Wood writes, "South Afmerica??"



The below, submitted anonymously, is either meant to give the viewer an impression of Hertz's worldwide presence or the web developer haphazardly chose a list of "countries".


"I was reinstalling the HTC sync application on my computer," wrote Jeff, "but apparently it has been using, or is being used...or something. I think."


"Found this in my local Morrisons," Gareth writes, "where it seems they pass the negative savings onto the customer."


"I've always known that Flash is bloated and stinks," wrote Chas., "now I know why."



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