"I spotted this at the station in Nîmes," Dee Jakobsen remarked, "I had no idea that hieroglyphs were used in the south of France."


"Apparently, according to chase.com, 11 is less than 8," Jeremy writes.


"I was reading my favorite website and it seems that they were experimenting with different languages!" Antonio Segni wrote, "The translation of the message in Italian is This page is in Chinese (simplified han). Do you want to translate it?"


Micah writes, "I'm trying to learn some jQuery on Code Academy, unfortunately, I can't tell if I did it right or wrong."


"What a deal! The price of $(null) is certainly better than last week's price of $(NaN)," Mike Smithwick wrote.


Jon writes, "The real WTF is asking where I heard about the 250 year-old landmark building that's been a theatre for 85 years and not having 'basic knowledge of my home city' in the list."


"Um...does this mean that the Mail Delivery Subsystem has declared war???," asks a possibly nervous Philip M..


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