I'm not saying that some advertising is prone to exaggeration, but sometimes, on occasion, the truth might be stretched at least a little bit.  Here are a few ads that I came across that I thought may be overstating their abilities just a little bit.

If "THE LAST ONE" is to be believed, any idiot can now write completely bug-free programs in plain English. All for only $600? More proof that my college education was only worth the certificate of attendance that I got out of it.

Price is in $$, but company is in England.  I'll just wait for a good exchange rate.


In my mind, I'm picturing the corner of the closet of some pennypinching office that still, to this day, has a 286 with a big sheet of paper that says "DON'T TOUCH OR YOU'LL BREAK THE NETWORK!!"

Check out dude's hand...Photoshop disaster?


Fastest compiler on Earth?  That's a pretty big claim!  One that I had to verify personally.  (You can too here)  So, is it the fastest in the world?  Can't say for sure, but it is pretty fast and it even works in Vista.



Hold on a minute here...for a mere $75 in 1980's dollars, I could learn how to write practical and realistic programs, quickly and easily...in LISP!? I call fake. Only white beareded gurus on a mountain top can pass this knowledge...and the only kind of currency they work with is souls.



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