Tsk tsk 80's software companies! When you're not out there making grandiose, larger than life promises to sell your product, you're playing right into your readers' knowledge of popular culture.

First, for shame Atron.  You give us this wall o' text where you quote the President of Borland singing your praises, but what's this?  "Bugbusters keep you from getting slimed"?  Oooh, if I were Dan Ackroyd or Harold Ramis, I'd circle "Cease and Desist" on my Customer Inquiry Card!

Like I have room to talk, but they misspelled scary

You know how Chinese knock-offs are close to the real thing...but not quite? The logo or the brand name are just askew enough to enter that gray area of copyright laws, but you just know was ripped off from somewhere.  Well, consider this ad for the 1981 and 1982 season of National Computer Shows. I think I've seen that robot ...somewhere...

Finally, the people at TranSec Systems Inc. may not be citing "popular" culture, but defeating copy protection of software published by big name companies "Only to Improve the Usability of Legally Acquired and Operated Software"...riiiight.

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