"I just wanted to know what a certain pending charge meant on my credit card, unfortunately the help text popup didn't know either," writes Alex N.


"I was looking at a mortgage prepayment calculator and after entering the terms of my current loan, the usual ads about how much I could save popped up," wrote Tawnos, "Not only would I get to pay closing fees, but I'd pay more every month!"


Mark G. writes, "Sorry Facebook, I don't go hanging out in graveyards any more than you do."


"Guess I'd better hurry and do my transaction before the...battery runs out?"Steve T. wrote.


"I had a crazy idea that I might want to buy some HP ink," writes Ari Stinik, "Seems I'm mistaken."


"Apparently, according to Twitch TV I was born on the first of español, 1980. At least they got half the language properly translated." writes W. Espinosa.


"You don't get to look this good for peanuts indeed!" remarked Bas van der woude.


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