"I'm not sure if that means he's the problem," Chris F. wrote, "or we need to get him to fix the problem."


"Perhaps the download would have succeeded," wrote Chris Scholfield, "if the telegram was sung instead of read."


"This is an error message from the China Airlines Dynasty Flyer registration page," Matt M. writes.


"The page count is kind of depressing," writes Kyle, "considering how much effort went into writing the document."


"While using pgAdmin III, a GUI for PostgreSQL Databases, I received the following," Jeremy Sweetman wrote,"Something tells me that's a little high."


"I sure hope that the font shortage doesn't hurt business at FedEx Kinko's," notes David.


"Now, being a native Texan, this is how 'I' feel," Brian writes, "Apparently, some web developers agree."


"I found this job through an internet posting like I'm sure many thousands of other job seekers," writes Rich S., "but it's nice to see that a job site is willing to reach out to the individual."



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