"This note came along with my home piano course book," Nela mentioned, "I bet Mac users will appreciate the thoughtfulness."


Finally! A message box that lets us express how we truly feel instead of forcing us into the Yes/No dichotomy. File Not Found!

(from Regis Desrosiers)


Nic B isn't quite sure what's the worst part about this shot from his company's internal app: that this message constantly pops up, that the email group mentioned is dead, or that they rarely see this screen when an actual error occurs...


Ethan T stubmled across this curious little note at the bottom of his Sam Flax receipt...


"While on vacation in the Czech Republic this summer," Brandon Bodnar writes, "I passed a lot of casinos. In front of each one was a display listing the current jackpot. I guess the programmer never expected the jackpot to get so high."


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