"I guess this gives new meaning to 'Read-Only Fridays'," writes Petr S.


Peter D. writes, "Now, if only someone would click on the window, WE'D KNOW HOW MUCH GAS COSTS!"


"It's not just logic...it's Microsoft Logic™!" wrote Chris P.


"booking.com has a new way of making it obvious how many stars you want from a hotel," writes Joe B.


"Hmmm...I'm not quite sure this is the right resolution for me," wrote Greg, "Oh well, I've got time to think about it."


"You know, you'd think they could find a better picture of Cyndi Lauper," writes Renan B.


Dane W. wrote, "While taking corporate-mandated Code of Ethics training, I got this message. I'm a little disappointed that Linux isn't supported, but fortunately Linux is supported."


"When I tested Opera Mini for Windows Phone I found a bug," Jesse S., "When submitting it I got this nice screen."


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