"Look like Microsoft really, really wants me to celebrate Windows 10's birthday," wrote Andrew.


Brandon R. writes, "Think you'll need to cancel? No problem! Just make sure you booked 999 days in advance."


"I imagine someone in an office far away saying 'We can't waste precious computer cycles on a string equality check! Utter prodigality!! We'll just ask the user to confirm'," writes Al.


"Here's a poliwag that I caught in Pokemon Go. Or, what's left of him," writes Mark B.


"I guess it makes sense that Microsoft doesn't really 'do' CSS, but at least they know someplace that does," Jos wrote.


"I wasn't sure if $50 from $79.95 was 62% off," wrote Ben R., "But I was fairly sure that 50$ from 89.95$ wasn't 77% off at the same time."


"So, if I don't have an SSH key, click on 'No, you must load an SSH key'?" write Shahim M.


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