"I saw this on my way home from work," Daniel Moore writes, "thank goodness CVS is doing something about Maryland's crippling shortage of whooping cough!"


"While trying to learn Open Bravo," writes Otmane Malih, "I learned that there are countries I've never heard of."


"My university has a site license of Mathematica for all Mathematics and Physics students," Simon Hollingshead wrote, "when trying to view some information about the license key, I got this message. Not to worry, it can go in my binder named 'Error messages from various websites'."


"Woah, bad password," wrote Micah, "that's cool man."


"Now that's a lot of readme," writes Frank de Weger.


"I was filling out a satisfaction survey after buying a new car," writes Jeremy Hutchinson, "even the optional questions required an answer."


"This is from a well-known vendor of libraries," writes Adrian Edmonds, "what to do next is a bit of a puzzle."


"This Mongolian ATM had a rather unique way to notify that it could not print a receipt," writes Matthew Asquith.


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