Ever since being hired, Adam had spent most of his time working on new projects.

He was aware that there was an "old system" running out there and would someday be shut down and his efforts were to help this come about, but he never had the opportunity to cross paths with it.  Based on what he had heard though, this was a very, very good thing.

However, once Adam had earned a reputation of his own of being a good problem solver, he was soon asked to peek at the "old" (ok, current) system and see how it worked. You know, the in lieu of a functional design document, he received the order "Just make it work like it does now".

In the one source file he was on, Adam quickly found the following which he considered to probably be the finest bit of coding he had ever seen.

//These fucking wankers wanted it unfucked 
private bool un-fuck(int fuck-v) {
   if (fuck-v == 1)
    return true;
    return false;

And it didn't stop there. After a quick search he found 20 shits, 25 fucks, 15 bollocks, and 8 assholes in the rest of the code.  The swear words were found mostly in the comments, but he did find some cases where the arrangement of variables and function names made for some rather "interesting" business logic.

This of course left Adam with a small dilemma - how does one document something that is not safe for work?

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