Ari S. writes, "Not only was the poor computer running Windows XP, it also had to suffer through having the Apple keyboard and mouse attached to it.


Gino V. wrote, "I remember when MY dad and I bought Vallium online... 'Hellen Keller' they called it... I'm glad that we got to do that once."


"Well, I guess there's nothing left for me to do here," writes Andrew B.


Mike S. wrote, "Gosh, I really must watch this soon when I have the chance, otherwise, it'll be 'history'!"


"They can translate Windows code to run on a Mac, but figuring out a percent discount for an academic license is just a bridge too far," writes Ben S.


"There's a server room in one of the remote offices that's responsible for several critical systems at the site," Felipe R. wrote, "and, when I found it, the room happened to be in a bit of a critical state as well."


"Typical spam message, right?" writes Jamie, "Yeah well I think the spammer is trying to deliver some kind of commentary as well."


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