"Hey, Angela! Helio is working!" writes Lawrence R.


"While setting up a new IIS site on Server 2008 within a tightly controlled corporate intranet, I had to remember where the JavaScript setting was in IE 8 in order to test properly," Brian R. wrote, "Thanks Bing for taking me to a page that was very relevant to my issue, and had no other content to distract me from my goal."


"Yes, I think I'll join... wait, what!?" writes Simon.


Yeah, we may need to check into our SEO.


"I was trying to lodge a support ticket to my ISP and, well, it's good to see they're doing their best to prevent spammers," wrote H.


Connor O. writes, "Well, I suppose my email address could serve as my city in a futuristic world."


"Well, looks like I have a long way to go before I ever see 'inbox zero'," wrote Eric


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