What? Friday already!? Not quite, but close! We have something really good coming up tomorrow for Halloween, so here's your weekly dose of Error'd a day early. Enjoy!


"Yep - nailed it AVG. Well done," writes Jordan R.


"I tried to configure a VNC client using an SSH tunnel and I guess this is how I succeeded to connect... or not," wrote Yanick.


Chris S. wrote, "Well, I'd love to participate in your survey, Microsoft, but..."


"I wanted to download Oracle SQL Developer, but unfortunately, they won't let you do that without registering. When it was time to choose a job title, Oracle was kind enough to give me some suggestions, unfortunately, I was scolded by the form validator for using an invalid character. How silly of me!," writes Patryk.


"At a car dealership for service, this appeared in the waiting area," wrote Ari S., "By the way, a license costs about US$60."


"This is the website where every highway contractor in my state has to log in to get plans and specifications in order to bid on projects," strong>Ben F. writes, "The site itself is chock full of WTFs everywhere you go, but this little notice on the front page aptly summarizes the sorts of things you can expect once inside."


"The 'pine-fresh' flavor was a poor approximation of an actual pine forest. Disappointed; would not recommend," Pi wrote.


"Certain people at my workplace decided to enact some very creative marketing strategies in order to correct a mis-priced item," Tony writes.


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