• GWO (unregistered)

    I imagine the Garfield code is

    if(CurrentYear - BirthYear > 100) then error_msg();

    The drop down goes to 1908 because the check was first implemented in 2008.

  • chreng (unregistered)

    +1 for Garfield.com allowing sperms to use the site: dec 31 2017 is a perfectly valid birthdate!

  • p. dexter (unregistered)

    sql server link has an extra close bracket


  • Dan Bugglin (google) in reply to GWO

    Yeah it sounds like it was poorly made and probably has to be manually updated every year to add a new year.

    Addendum 2017-02-03 09:00: And The OkResult thing is just a copy/paste error in the documentation.

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    So don't leave us in suspense, MichaelC: did you click "yes" or "no" for "was this info helpful?" ? 9 Hey look at that: a grammatically correct use of '?"?' . <-- Hey, look a grammatically correct use of " '?"/' " .
    [infinite loop, core dump]

    Addendum 2017-02-03 09:47: oops. dang SHIFT key missed the second "?" there

  • a person (unregistered)

    I had that same steam error the other day and I almost submitted it, but didn't think a server issue was really wtf-worthy... clearly I was wrong.

  • :o (unregistered) in reply to chreng

    Sperms trying to access site on Dec 31, 2017 do not exist yet

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to :o

    ok, then, the eggs do.

  • PenguinF (unregistered)

    Is that some new trend in usability, 1 button apps?

  • Michael C (unregistered) in reply to Carl Witthoft

    I didn't click either of them - lost the will to live at that point...(the bloody thing keeps re-installing without me doing anything - most annoying!)

  • _that_guy_ (unregistered)

    I saw the steam errons as well.

    I suspect the Garfield problem is that they're storing the year using only two digits...

  • _that_guy_ (unregistered) in reply to _that_guy_
    • errors
  • Be my guest (unregistered)

    Someone confused IHttpActionResult for HttpResponseMessage. IHttpActionResult is an interface to an async action result that will return a HttpResponseMessage, which of course has an HTTP Response code.

    Now the async stuff, that's a whole 'nother clusterf*ck.

  • Watson (nodebb)

    The thought that the Garfield web site might show different things to people of different ages.....

  • Scarlet_Manuka (nodebb) in reply to Watson

    If you're over 18 you get the "adult content" version?

  • just me (unregistered) in reply to Scarlet_Manuka

    Not sure I'd want to see Garfield "adult content"....

  • TheCPUWizard (unregistered)

    IHttpActionResult is not revolutionary in any way, as it simply builds around the familiar HttpResponseMessage, but it is tremendously useful. It is effectively a factory for HttpResponseMessage, and by implementing the interface you provide instructions on how a new response should be constructed.


  • Geek (unregistered)

    Tom needs to work on his mathematics - 1908 does not mean he's 101 years old - he'd be 108 or 109 years old...

  • Ex-lurker (unregistered) in reply to Geek

    Maybe Tom submitted this screenshot 8 to 9 years ago

  • Not very geek (unregistered) in reply to Geek

    And Geek needs to work on his reading comprehension. It clearly says that year must be at least 1917.

  • kunas (unregistered)

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  • parkrrrr (unregistered)

    By excluding people over a hundred years old, garfield.com is missing more than half of their audience.

  • Richard (unregistered) in reply to Geek

    I think what he's saying is that, even if he'd selected 1916 (ie: 101 years old), it would still have been rejected. Nobody older than 100 is allowed to read the site.

  • John (unregistered)

    I quit reading garfield . The last thing I need is to log in to a FKG cartoon

  • Erricey (unregistered)

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