"I have two questions: First - Why make the dropdown go all the way down to 1908 if you don't want people selecting it? Second - Why can't I view garfield.com if I'm 101 years old?" wrote Tom.


"Hopefully, CloudFlare's TLS 1.3 implementation is better than their public-facing website describing the same," writes David B.


"Lately, I've been having an issue with Amazon Assistant re-installing itself," Michael C. wrote, "After clicking on the 'Amazon Assistant help' link, I'm not very surprised."


"The good news is that Westpac New Zealand has streamlined their processes," wrote Gregory E., "However, the bad news is that you need to be able to read Latin."


Ruben L. writes, "While reading some of the details of always on for SQL Server I noticed that some topic names about the availability group name weren't... well... available...(https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh213539(v=sql.120).aspx "


"Steam really messed up here, but hey, at least they're being apologetic about it," Pete writes.


Paul N. wrote, "Almost makes as much sense as IHttpActionResult not giving access to the response status."


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