• Brendan (unregistered)

    You missed the "h" in "https" at the beginning of your link to the white paper.

  • Proprietary Traumatization (unregistered)

    I misread that at first as "they’ve created their own proprietary database" (rather than dataset) and I had a flashback to my first job where they did actually have a proprietary database developed themselves out of a system of disk-stored flat file because ("none of the commercial databases were good enough for us when we started out"). Glad it was only a misread, whew!.

  • SolePurposeOfVisit (unregistered)

    This really isn't a good idea, is it? Clue: What differentiates these slobs from every other Cloudz intermediary out there? I can't think of a single thing.

  • Graham Asher (unregistered)

    Please fix the maps. London is the capital of the UK, not just England. You didn't split up the other countries; don't split us up.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered) in reply to Graham Asher

    Maybe Hired is a fan of #Scexit.

  • DS (unregistered)

    Don't even bother with this 'white-paper' unless you live in the US. There is one graph about UK and that is it, everything else besides that country map is all US-centric.

  • Hugo (unregistered) in reply to Graham Asher

    Also, Europe actually consists of a few other countries besides UK and France. (Unless Trump just pushed that red button after having seen too many sarcasm from European TV shows...)

  • Derp (unregistered)

    Why should we hand over our contact information which will invariably result in a load of irrelevant recruitment spam to read something that anyone with half a brain can figure out?

  • Pascal (unregistered)

    I signed up with Hired last month because they were a sponsor. I received two emails from them:

    As far as relocation is concerned, Hired is not the best platform to assist. Our companies simply prefer immediate, in person interview. Therefore, your presence in your desired locale is required to receive invite for the area. My apologies. If you are planning to relocate, I might recommend requesting an invite after the fact for a possibly different outcome.

    We don’t offer more roles in the cities you’re interested in — yet. We know you worked hard to perfect your profile, so we’ve added your name to our waitlist. When we offer more roles in your city, you’ll be the first to know.

  • Tom (unregistered)

    I used Hired in 2014, I'm a big fan. It was more like having an agent than being the subject of a recruiter. That being said, I could find no obvious way to download the linked report — the page shown is a 1-2-3 statement of contents plus some exposition of Hired, with no obvious links to anything else, or any non-obvious ones that my clicking could uncover — so I ended up Googling the title and finding the PDF elsewhere.

    So, ummm, use Hired but don't sign up to get the PDF.

  • Celeste Smith (google)

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  • Jason (unregistered)

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  • Ana Walker (google)

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  • Kevin (unregistered)

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  • NotSpeakingForHired (unregistered) in reply to Proprietary Traumatization

    Nah, we use the usual databases.

  • Craig (unregistered)

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  • test (unregistered)

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  • emmie samanhta (unregistered)
  • Eliza Molly (unregistered)

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  • megatron (unregistered)

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  • divp1 (unregistered)

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  • Bethany Waytt (unregistered)

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  • laibaejaz (unregistered)

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  • Sophie Gooch (unregistered)

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  • arfan (unregistered) in reply to Hugo

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