You may remember our new sponsor, Hired. To help them match up talent with employers, they’ve created their own proprietary dataset about salary and hiring trends, and have published their annual report about what they’ve found.

There are a few key things in this report. First, as we all know, you don’t need to go to Silicon Valley for a good job in the tech sector- and even though the salaries are among the highest at an average of $134K a year, with cost of living factored in, even the notoriously expensive New York and LA can give you an advantage in purchasing power.

Hired's map of salaries by region

If you are thinking of a move, the hot cities are Austin, Singapore and London. Non-local candidates are getting more offers at higher salaries than anywhere else. Even if you don’t want to go to one of those cities, in 12 of Hired’s 16 markets are offering better salaries to relocators.

Age and race still matter. While African-American candidates are actually more likely to get hired, that may be because they’re being hired at a much lower salary than white candidates. Latino and Asian candidates ask for salaries comparable with white candidates, and are both less likely to get hired.

If you’re between 25 and 30, you’re much more likely to get an “average” job offer for your experience level, but past 45, you’ll start to see a decline.

There’s a lot more in here, including lots of global data. Read the white paper yourself, and if you think you could take advantage of these trends, get on Hired today and get some offers.

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