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  • Rybo (unregistered)

    How many players does the game support? It appears to have 8 characters...does that mean it supports up to 8 players?

  • Patrick Roach (unregistered) in reply to Rybo

    It's 2 to 5!

  • Steve_The_Cynic (nodebb)

    re: team-building exercises.

    A group whose members aren't interested in being/building a team, or a group whose members are actively or passively hostile to the idea, won't build a team, and all the team-building exercises in the world will be unable to help them.

    A group whose members want to be/build a team will be/build a team unless you actually dispatch them to the far corners of the world and prevent them from talking to each other. All the team-building exercises in the world will be unable to prevent it from happening.

  • RichP (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Steve hit on something regarding team building. There is a way around it, though. A clue lies in the game description:

    "Once one player has taken the Legacy, they become the Enemy of the other players, who are not content to let one soul hold such power."

    s/Legacy/Manager job/; s/player/employee/

    => Instant "team" building. Provide a common enemy and tada, instant team.

    (of course, the "team" will likely be fragile, dysfunctional, and full of infighting)

  • Alex Papadimoulis (unregistered) in reply to RichP

    "A group whose members aren't interested in being/building a team" ... "A group whose members want to be/build a team"

    I believe this is another 80/20 thing; 10% of groups will be a natural awesome fit, 10% will be a toxic, cynical bunch, and the rest can be swayed in either direction through organizational culture. Games aren't the only thing, but a culture that allows/encourages it certainly helps.

  • Werner (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    While I agree that some people just cannot be made to work in teams, I think team building excercises are important. For example, I've been at my current workplace for about 3 months now and all my interactions with colleagues have been work related. With my Dilbert personality it takes me ages to get comfortable in a new group. Taking an afternoon to socialize outside of the work environment greatly accelerates the process.

  • anon (unregistered)

    A finale relating to climate? Sounds exiting.

  • lonadar (unregistered)

    I'll have to look more into the specifics, but the initial premise sounds a lot like Dwarven Dig!.

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