I've been a board/tabletop gamer for as long as I can remember, even before writing my first program (obviously, 10 PRINT "ALEX IS COOL" / 20 GOTO 10). After seeing how much you supported the Release! game, it turned out that a lot of you are into games, too.

But since then, I've learned that games came be more than just a fun activity for us to do off-hours with our friends and family. They can also serve as a great team-building activity for developers and engineers.

And it's not just the social aspect. Understanding and applying a set of fixed rules to achieve a desired outcome describes both writing software and playing games, and seeing how other team members think and apply these rules can create a better understanding, and facilitate better communication. That, and it's a bit more fun than most corporate team-building activities.

Of course, this wasn't exactly the driver behind my next Kickstarter Project (or the other two games we've since launched), but it's one of the reasons I wanted to share it with you today.

Here's a the short story on how the game works:

In Lairs, players take on the roles of powerful creatures that each build their homes in The Mountain.

Deep in The Mountain lie powerful artifacts, ancient sorceries, and untold riches. These Legacies, when claimed, will grant great power.

At the start game, players compete to excavate and build their Lairs to the center of the mountain to claim one of these prizes.

Once one player has taken the Legacy, they become the Enemy of the other players, who are not content to let one soul hold such power.

The remaining players band together as the Allies and fight their way through each chamber of the Enemy’s lair, and eventually confront them in a climatic finale.

The project is live, and I'd love to get your feedback!

I'm putting this up here right at launch time so you can can score an early bird copy of the game for just $22! There are plenty of other rewards too, but you folks gave me a lot of support in past projects so I wanted to give you the first shot at Lairs. Thanks all!

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