Anonymous went to configure some settings and found his options were a little constrained.

A prompt that warns you to choose any value between 8 and 8

Fortunately, real numbers are a contniuum, so Anonymous has an infinite number of possible values to choose from.

Kaylee was poking through a codebase and found this DLL, which leaves us with so many questions.

A code base with one DLL marked 'ExternalWeb.InternalExternal'

We’re left feeling inside out, and perhaps a bit unmoored in time…

We’re losing track of time… how old are we? Benji found that question far more difficult to answer than normal…

A drop-down list with options like '25-25', '25-35'

Then again, it’s hard not to lose track of time. Time and space are a continuum, and movements through space are also movements through time, and vice versa. Ricardo sends us this Italain train schedule:

A train schedule where the 'km' field has been formatted as dates instead of numbers

If you don’t read Italian, pay close attention to the ‘km’ field- which is measured in dates, apparently.

As we all learned in Back to the Future III, trains are incredibly useful devices for time travel. As any time traveler knows, representing dates and times when you’re crossing history is a challenge. Nick stepped aboard the wrong train, and who knows when he might be now?

An animated image where the message '2015 NOV 97 86::3PM' scrolls across a train's LED display

This all gets so confusing. Is there some sort of error code we could report about all of this? Larry, do you have anything? Oh, you do?

A FoxPro error 'Fatal Error 104 when trying to report error 104'

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