"You wouldn't think that anyone would ever make such a clbuttic mistake as replacing every instance of 'ca' with 'California' on a page, yet, here we are," John S. writes.


"I bet it's a pretty bad situation when an error handler can give up," writes Andrey.


Matt L. wrote, "So, let me understand this - I can't change my password because my current password isn't strong enough?"


"Brrr! Weather Underground says it's pretty cold in southern Mexico...not Vostok Station cold, but pretty close."


"I was browsing through Microsoft's Tutorials for Windows Forms for a new assignment when I came across this gem," wrote Markus H., "Having already completed the 'Simple Windows Form' I don't think you really need five walkthroughs for it."


"If you ask me, I think TightVNC wants to make sure nobody reads their EULA," J. J. wrote.


"If this is the version without ads, I don't think I want to use the version with them!" Chris writes.


"You might think the right answer is answer 3 ('Answer 4'), but you'd be wrong," Mike writes, "I tried that one and was told the correct answer was one not shown: Disable logging to improve performance -- which appears to be an answer to a different question."


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