Five years ago, someone at Adam’s company made a commit. Like all good commits, it touched 200 individual files and 3,500 lines of code, and the commit message was simply: “Fixed”.

One of those 200 files was a .h header file, declaring a long pile of function prototypes. One of them is this one. It has no implementation, and isn’t used anywhere:

  void eXosip_suhnjbbbbynbhhhhhhhhhhhhbscribe_free (eXosip_subscribe_t * js);  

One of the most famous survival horror games ever implemented, which combines lo-fi, character-oriented “graphics” with escape room puzzles is VIM. Endlessly customizable, it offers a huge amount of replay value, if you ever successfully exit it.

Adam’s suspicion is that the developer was unwittingly in VIM’s edit mode, and accidentally mangled this. Either that, or a cat decided to do a softshoe routine on his keyboard while he wasn’t looking.

Regardless, that commit never got reviewed, as you can imagine, and thus this little “treat” has been sitting in the code base for five years. The real question is: what else got mashed into the code that no one knows about?

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