"Chrome translator apparently has issue with the numbers 11 and 30 when translating mail.ru to English," wrote Marc B., "Interestingly, the Russian version of the site displays the numbers properly, so WTF Chrome?"


"Well, apparently according to Wikipedia's article on 'Shades of brown', purple is the new brown," writes Naram Q.


"I'll show them and give different answers for both questions," Jay wrote.


"Wow! 7 bytes isn't even enough to spell 'database'," Sam B. wrote.


Gareth H. writes, "Looking to state what's important for me when thinking about cyber threats, I felt that I was being steered towards "Detection" as an option."


"Somehow I thought that the device driver for a baggage carousel would be prepared for infinite loops," writes Florian.


"Okay! I get it! I unsubscribed," Malhar S. wrote, "Or did I?"


Steve writes, "I was trying to search for VMWare Player's free edition because their website was trying to push the Pro trial, and well, it looks like their SEO could use some work."


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