"All the news that's fit to print, eh?" Jared S. writes.


"And now, here comes Yahoo! Finance with a blast from the past," writes Norman D.


"When attempting to set up a user on a work-related website that's managed by a 3rd party vendor, this was the result," Pixel E. wrote, "I'm not sure how I should notify their help desk."


"Pocket really makes articles ...interesting," Nathan wrote.


"Adobe kindly let me know that my PDF needed some time being 'prepared for,'" writes Colin S-J, "I can only assume that when the progress bar was full, the PDF was no longer prepared for."


Chris D. writes, "Trying to install the SQL Server 2016 Express edition for a customer, apparently Microsoft didn't want me to succeed!"


"The job: Write a fast SIMD atan2() function that calculates 8 at a time. The result: First time ever I've gotten away with calling a function 'satan'," Nils C. writes.


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