"I can't tell if it's a proofreading or a 'Y2k15' glitch," Ken L. writes.


Maciek O. wrote, "Feedback? Well, it's broken, for starters."


Nick W. writes, "Call me old fashioned, but those baby names seem a little too mainstream for me."


"Arby's is supposed to 'have the meats', but today it looks like they can't even have the menu," wrote Jeff T.


Chris wrote, "I would totally give up on the M&M's to take home a 'concat' for $3.00."


"Today is Friday, November 27th," David writes, "or is it?"


Michael wrote, "It seems that even the devs think that successful completion is exceptional!"


"Nice try - not going to double click, even if the world might depend on it," writes Scott.


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