Eric G. wrote, "It looks like Dinerware, a point of sale system for restaurants, has a similar problem to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz."


"I noticed an 'Eject Thumb Drive' icon in my system tray and, since I didn't have a thumb drive plugged in, I was curious what it was referring to," Russ J. writes.


"It's one thing to see ~Firstname-YP~}, but my first name is IN the email!" wrote Jack.


"I spotted this at a train station in Atlanta. I guess I'll miss out on what the screensaver was," writes Christopher E.


"Walgreens really wants me to reply to this message but also to understand that they won't process or read it. I'm confused," Aaron D. writes.


"I had to double check, but I don't think that Fitbit knows how to do datetime math," writes Pascal.


Matthew J. writes, "I was trying to install some software and the C++ runtime libraries apparently have a problem with the far east."


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