"How new is this beer? They didn't even finish the packaging!" wrote Jérôme.


"Wow! Truly a one-stop-shop!," writes Diederik.


Alexandre A. wrote, "The Barracuda XT Desktop Hard Drive sure comes with a lot of features!"


"I've been saving for a while to buy a new Lenovo laptop," writes Brandon R., "Looks like I have a little bit longer to go to get the one I want."


"I do feel a little bad for having tried a right-click. Shame on me, what was I thinking?" writes Chris Dotson.


"I'm glad to see that the University of Washington," Matt B. wrote, "Oh and look! They know JavaScript too!"


"At first, I was excited when I found out that Domino's Pizza can be paid with PayPal, but then, my hopes were dashed," Sav writes.


Jeff R. writes, "Monarch Pro gives more than 100% when processing my data. Now that's service!"


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