"When Google's having an outage, and it's also affecting their outage notification service, things are NOT going well" writes Nathan.


"I tried to use firstname.m.lastname as my user name, because, it seems logical, but nope, you gotta add a number," Brad W. wrote, "So I got creative and, well, maybe I'm not the first to think their user name requirements suck."


Philipp M. wrote, "After hearing the testimonials and learning something about ancient typesetting techniques, of course I'd like to buy a bus ticket!"


"See that little part in the middle that says the name is friendly? That's the friendly part. The rest? Not as much," Austin S. wrote.


Stephanie F. writes, "I totally don't regret spending money on a subscription to this stock vector site!"


"Exactly how old does my bank think my mother is?" writes Robert H.


Graeme D. wrote, "I recently applied, in Australia, to have my passport renewed, but there's one option on the renewal form I'm just not sure about."


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