"I'm not sure if the WTF is that I have to find 0000FF]2 piles of dirty clothes," Simon H. writes, "or the fact that the ']' makes it look like they entered the information in something resembling BBCODE."


"SSMS would like to firmly remind me that it is not just some floozy, and I should treat it with respect," writes Matthew F..


"I wanted to get my no longer new laptop back on it's feet, but not literally," wrote David, "I only right-clicked in the body of an email."


"I think I'll pass on continuing my 214748 mile journey. That would take 5 months at 60 mph," Jakob W. wrote, "but I suspect that the number is actually 2147483647 miles, in which case this is a ride of nearly 4100 years."


Adam F. writes, "Thanks Lenovo! I never thought I'd get to have a say in the matter."


"What's that? Suppressing warnings will give me better performance? Well then...SIGN ME UP!," Sam W. wrote.


"Why yes...I do drive in my city and my region? How could they know?!" Nikolei Z. wrote.


"Even though I am a prince, I am not totally convinced that spending an extra £15 of my princely fortune for a 0Mb superfast fibre connection is good value for money," Ian writes.


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