"If you pirate Windows 10, watch out," Norman D. wrote, "One week and 100 years from now, Microsoft is going to catch you."


"The experience of 3D navigating a tape drive just can't be beat," writes McKay S.


Sam writes, "Seeing a Windows error on an ATM isn't a huge surprise. Seeing one on a video game though is just sad."


"Orion SolarWinds threw its hands up, and then threw up, from the looks of it," writes Charles R.


Steffen M. wrote, "There was an internal error so bad that it shook Eclipse to its very core!"


"I was looking for a ATX power supply tester, on the same page it linked me to this cosy looking POST diagnostic tool," writes Dave L., "And you wouldn't know it, but it has a built-in speaker too!"


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