"So, do I enter a number 0 to 65,535 or −32,768 to 32,767? What if my experience wasn't an integer? This is a really technical question for applying at a restaurant," writes Brennan.


"Typed a short message, and this lovely, informative error message popped up," writes Mike A., "As a bonus, if I click Ok, another one shows. Wait for 15 seconds, Skype crashes."


Aankhen wrote, "Vulture is clearly a very experienced when issues."


"Well, VLC, you should have said something! No need to get snarky after the fact," Kevin S. wrote.


"I purchased some from Ryanair, so I can get flight essentials for £8 at a savings of -£8 since it was not defined before. Or something. Footer," Vladimir M. writes.


Brian H. wrote, "Spotted at my local single level supermarket. Did they re-purpose an elevator monitoring station as an ATM?"


"The info kiosk at the Copenhagen City Hall is educating visitors about certificate verification (and allow them to browse the file system through the 'Install Certificate' button)," writes Emil M.


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